Building wine 1.5.13 on Debian Sid

I’ve been having some problems building and installing wine 1.5.13 on Debian Sid (64-bit). 1.5.5 is available as .deb from winehq, but 1.5.13 introduces the raw input patch is needed in order for the mouse-view to work in Kerbal Space Program

Please not that this was written down after I actually got everything up and running, so while everything might not be totally accurate, it should be enough to get you close.

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Stuff to install

This is just a little list of stuff I need to remember when doing a new Debian setup. Put the list of packages in a file somewhere, and do
dpkg –set-selections < packagefile
apt-get -u dselect-upgrade
to install. This list was valid for Debian 6.0, and should be ok for later releases as well, although you probably need to adjust the various library versions.
alsamixergui  install
binutils  install
build-essential  install 
calcoo    install
centerim-utf8  install
compiz    install
compiz-core  install
compiz-gnome  install
compiz-plugins   install
cscope    install
curl    install
debian-multimedia-keyring  install
deluge    install
filezilla  install
firefox-sage  install
furiusisomount  install
gcalctool   install

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