Stuff to install

This is just a little list of stuff I need to remember when doing a new Debian setup. Put the list of packages in a file somewhere, and do
dpkg –set-selections < packagefile
apt-get -u dselect-upgrade
to install. This list was valid for Debian 6.0, and should be ok for later releases as well, although you probably need to adjust the various library versions.
alsamixergui  install
binutils  install
build-essential  install 
calcoo    install
centerim-utf8  install
compiz    install
compiz-core  install
compiz-gnome  install
compiz-plugins   install
cscope    install
curl    install
debian-multimedia-keyring  install
deluge    install
filezilla  install
firefox-sage  install
furiusisomount  install
gcalctool   install

gcc    install
gcc-4.3    install
gcc-4.3-base  install
gcc-4.3-source  install
gdb    install
gimp-data-extras   install
gimp-gmic  install
gimp-plugin-registry  install
gimp-resynthesizer   install
gimp-ufraw  install
git    install
gnome-launch-box  install
gnome-utils  install
google-chrome-stable  install
gparted  install  install
gthumb    install
htop    install
intltool  install
lib32nss-mdns  install
libavcodec52  install
libavformat52  install
libbabl-0.0-0-dev  install
libpostproc51  install
libswscale0  install
libvncserver0-dbg  install
linux-headers*  install
make    install
module-assistant  install
mpd     install
mpdcron    install
mpdris    install
mpdscribble  install
mpdtoys    install
network-manager-gnome  install
ntop    install
ntp    install
pkg-config  install
python-dev  install
python2.6-dev  install
quicksynergy  install
rdesktop  install
screen     install
smbclient  install
smbfs    install
sonata    install
spotify-client-qt  install
sun-java6-jre   install
sun-java6-plugin  install
synergy    install
unrar    install
vim     install
vim-tiny  install
virtualbox  install
virtualbox-guest-additions vde2  install
vlc    install 
vlc-plugin-notify  install
wine     install
wine-dev  install
wine-utils  install
xbindkeys   install
xbindkeys-config  install
xchat-gnome  install
xchat-systray  install

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